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hygiene absorbent products, key raw
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The Partners
Pricie Hanna
Pricie Hanna
Managing Partner
Pricie Hanna is a founding partner of Price Hanna Consultants. Her expertise ranges from end product market trends to the demand and technical requirements for the raw materials, such as resins, fiber, fluff pulp, airlaid and cover stock nonwovens, film, superabsorbents, adhesives and elastics, used to make these products. For twenty-three years, Pricie was Vice President of John R. Starr, Inc., and led the firm's consulting practice in hygiene absorbent products and nonwoven wipes. Pricie managed numerous client engagements involving studies of market and technology feasibility, supply/demand outlook, strategy development, new product opportunity evaluation, competitor assessments, value chain analyses, financial valuations and acquisition/divestiture searches. read more
David Price
David Price
David J. Price is a founding partner of Price Hanna Consultants. David has extensive experience in textile, woven and nonwoven fabric businesses and in the industrial, construction, filtration, medical, hygiene, consumer, and specialty markets these technologies serve. David was a Senior Consultant with John R. Starr, Inc. from 2005 to 2011. He assisted clients in engagements involving a variety of manufacturing and commercial topics, including evaluations of potential acquisitions and due diligence. He has authored publications on nonwoven technologies and markets and is an accomplished speaker at conferences and executive briefings. read more
Price Hanna Consultants of the United States has recently published a February 2019 report on the world outlook for hygiene absorbent products and the key raw materials of nonwovens, fluff pulp, airlaid cores, superabsorbents and hygiene films.  Since 1993, Pricie Hanna has prepared fourteen in-depth reports analyzing the markets for absorbent products in key countries/regions… View Article
February 8, 2019
Price Hanna Consultants LLC., a management consulting firm, whose Principals have specialized for more than 30 years in the nonwoven products, hygiene absorbent products and related fields, worldwide, has released a study covering the global market outlook for nonwovens and film used to provide infection barrier and protection in medical treatment environments. These materials are… View Article
August 8, 2014
Price Hanna Consultants LLC, a management consulting firm whose principals have specialized in the nonwoven products, hygiene absorbent products and related fields, worldwide, for over 30 years, have published a new report which provides comprehensive global and regional information on spunbonded polyester nonwoven capacities, demand, manufacturing costs, and market segment profitability in 2013 to 2018…. View Article
August 28, 2013