Outlook for Barrier Nonwovens and Film in Global Medical Markets, 2014 – 2019
August 2014 Report
Outlook for Barrier Nonwovens and Film in Global Medical Markets, 2014 - 2019

Price Hanna Consultants LLC., a management consulting firm, whose Principals have specialized for more than 30 years in the nonwoven products, hygiene absorbent products and related fields, worldwide, has released a study covering the global market outlook for nonwovens and film used to provide infection barrier and protection in medical treatment environments. These materials are used as critical components in disposable operating room theater drapes, gowns and sterile instrument and tray wrap. This new report describes new trends in the size and the regional location of fabric converting demand, in-region demand and the adoption of regional end use performance requirements which are driving changes in the growth or obsolescence of nonwoven and film laminated product types and market penetration. This report also provides information on the market position and sourcing strategies of key converter/marketer customers, trends in nonwoven construction, including basis weight reduction, regional and global supply and demand and developments in nonwoven and finishing capacity, location, technologies and cost of manufacturing.

The regional adoption of AAMI and European end use performance standards and the presence of regional import duties on roll goods and converted operating theater drapes, gowns and sterile wrap have had and will continue to impact demand for nonwovens made on selected nonwoven technology platforms. These factors also drive market penetration and determine required nonwoven product characteristics. As importantly, nonwoven barrier fabric roll goods manufacturing, finishing technologies and operational performance continues to evolve, enabling lower costs of manufacturing, creating opportunities and threats for both existing producers and new entrants.

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